Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Court Puppets

Last night I dreamt I was following some kind of court proceedings on TV, except it was actually a skit on SNL. The court room was half-full of humans and half-full of puppets. These puppets had the ability to puff up and change shape, going from happy, kid-friendly faces to angry, serial-killer-like faces. In the dream, I had a memory about a horror movie like this, wherein the puppets would change shape when angered and go on a killing spree. Except this was SNL and they were parodying that movie. Something would happen in the court proceedings that would anger a puppet, and his face would change and he would look like he was about to kill someone, then something else would happen that would calm him down. This would go on for a while with one puppet; he would change shape and puff up in anger, then release some air as he calmed down, then puff up again, and so on. This was the premise of the whole comedy bit. Then they would do it again for another puppet. Then, for some reason, at the end of the skit, Eddie Murphy and Luke Wilson showed up as guest stars. There was lots of cheering and applauding from the audience as these two stepped out from behind something and began to spout off some legal mumbo-jumbo. Things got hazy around here and I woke up...

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