Sunday, May 24, 2009

Restaurant and Earthquake

Last night I had a crazy dream that went all over the place. It began in a restaurant with some friends. We sat down at a table, but I got up to find the restroom. I went into this small room which I thought was a restroom, but after unzipping my pants, I looked up and realized I could see the patrons of the restaurant. The room I was in was a small alcove to put plants in. The wall in front of me rose up to my neck, opening up to the rest of the restaurant, and what I thought was a urinal turned out to be a pot for a small tree. I don't think anyone saw me so I just zipped up my pants again and went out the door to look for the real restroom.

Before reaching it, I recognized an old high school friend and greeted him. We made some small talk, but by now I really had to go, so I told him we'd catch up after I used the restroom. The real restroom, however, turned out to be very strange in its own right. It was uncommonly wide and spacious, and there were two other entrances to the restroom other than the one I used. One was apparently for kitchen staff use and the other seemed to lead into some kind of military operation control room. I thought I saw a lot of high-tech equipment and people in army fatigues, but the door was quickly shut. For some reason, there was a man in a suit in the restroom who told me I had to put my name into a sign-in sheet before I could go about my business.

But before I could do anything else, the ground started shaking. It was an earthquake, so I ran to the doorway like I've always been told to do. But I didn't stay long because this earthquake was intense. It felt like the building was coming down so I ran outside, followed by the friends that were with me in the restaurant. Upon exiting the building, the scene suddenly changed. It was no longer a restaurant, but a school building. I was no longer with my friends at dinner, but we were all back in high school. The earthquake was still happening though, and it brought the front part of the building down, right onto a former teacher of mine. Only a little bit of it fell on him, but it still injured him. There was no time to help him though, as the earthquake got even worse. The ground started crumbling away, opening into a seemingly bottomless chasm. The whole school was in a panic and we all ran for the parking lot as the floor kept crumbling away behind us. I didn't dare look back, I just kept running with my friend to his car.

It seemed like the earthquake had stopped and the chasm stopped opening even wider, so we all slowed down. Another friend mentioned something about wanting to go to Starbucks and headed off in another direction, but I still wanted to get out of there so I kept heading for the car. I never made it because I woke up, with a really bad urge to pee...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Flying and Tea

I had a short dream about flight superpowers last night. I'm not quite sure how it began, but I believe I was walking on the street with some friends. Suddenly I have the power to fly so I soar up into the air. I think I half-realized it was a dream, so while trying to control it I had a hard time staying in the air. I would shoot up skyward, but would soon glide back down as if I had no idea how to control my direction of flight. Furthermore, the ground would sometimes disappear and just become clouds, as if my mind couldn't render the ground as I moved at high speeds.

Eventually, I just decided to hover in place for a while, high up in the clouds. I had a thermos of tea with me, so I just relaxed in the sky while sipping tea. It was pretty sweet and then I woke up...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Indiana Jones and Comic

I had two dreams last night. The first one started out with me trying to remember the Indiana Jones movies. I could remember the first three and the latest one, The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, but I had a distinct memory that there was another movie made in between them. That is to say that there was a fourth movie and the Crystal Skull was actually the fift movie. I tried to piece together this forgotten fourth movie and enlisted the help of a friend. We could remember a scene in which two dark-skinned boys are kidnapped, escaped, and then taken in by an attractive 30-something year old woman. Later, the two boys, the woman, and Indiana Jones (and possibly Sean Connery) are in a tropical forest somewhere. They're fighting some evil force and there's also a frog that was a human wizard once and was turned into a frog or something. It got really confusing here and then I woke up.

In the second dream, I was reading a comic. I recreated the comic below.

That yellow arrow in the middle somehow meant that the comics could be read in reverse order, meaning you could read it from top to bottom, but also bottom to top. This sort of made sense in my dream, but it really doesn't make sense now. This is definitely the strangest thing I've dreamt so far.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cat and Giraffe

I haven't had any memorable or vivid dreams lately, but last night I had a cute short one. I dreamt I came home from somewhere and went into my room to find two things on my bed: the first was my cat. She's not usually allowed on the furniture and I'm not even sure how she got inside the house since I last remembered her being outside. But there she was, just sleeping on my bed. The second thing was a young giraffe. I was confused, but not as much as I should have been. I approached it slowly to inspect it and noticed it was injured with a slight gash on its left side. I figured the poor thing must have escaped from a zoo or something and was injured that way. It was about the size of a grown man so it slept comfortably on my bed, but raised its head slightly when I started petting it. I think I wanted to keep it, or at least play with it a little before I called Animal Control or something.

Right about then my dad walked into my room. Totally ignoring that there was a giraffe in my room, he asked how the cat got in and shooed her away. And then I woke up...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Loose Teeth Again

Last night I had another dream about my canines being loose. It felt like I could move them far too much with my tongue so I checked it out in a mirror. My left canine was actually oozing some sort of weird red paste, like ketchup. I had this vague memory that I banged the tooth against something earlier in the week and that's probably why it was in bad shape. So I pulled it out rather painlessly, threw it in the trash, and was about to walk away when I decided to check on my other canine. Sure enough, it was also loose so I pulled it out as well. In reality, I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, so in the dream I wondered how that would go with me walking in with two of my teeth missing. And also what would be done to replace those teeth. I didn't want to think about it, I guess, so I just woke up...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Islands and Movie

I had two, very long and very strange dreams last night. The first one began with me and some friends and family going on a tropical vacation. I was in this little self-paddled boat, like a canoe or something, making my way towards an island. All around me were dozens of other little boats, full of family, friends, and strangers. I think we might have been on a tour group, but each of us had our own boat. We landed on the little island, which couldn't have been bigger than a few thousand square feet. The island itself was made up of grass and palm trees with a few gazebos here and there. Along the shore were several wooden docks. We all explored the little island, looking about, but there really wasn't much to see. I was wondering why we were here at all when I noticed a dark vertical cloudy line near the horizon. It started growing larger and larger and that's when I realized it was a twister (or waterspout, since were in the middle of the ocean or something).

I started shouting, warning the people around me that it was coming. I looked around for some kind of authority figure, like a tour guide, but couldn't find anyone. So I just did what everyone else did: grab onto a palm tree for dear life. The waterspout passed over the island and there was a huge rush of wind. Yet I don't remember feeling any of the wind or any of the water. But I could definitely see the ferocity of the wind. There were things inside the twister, smaller trees, planks of wood, dirt and grass, all flying about. People around me were being lifted up off their feet as the twister got a hold of them, but no one was actually taken away as they anchored themselves to the palm trees. This coming and going of twisters and/or waterspouts actually happened a few more times. The area was infested with twisters and for some reason, the tour lead us here. Perhaps this was the attraction, trying to survive a twister on this little island.

However, this one time it was changed up. I spotted some dark line coming towards us, but it was small and coming from the sky. It struck the island and made a little boom, and that's when I realized a meteorite had fallen from the sky. It was small and round, about 30 inches in diameter, but the crater it made was smoking and there was a little bit of fire on the dirt and grass around the edges. People started gathering and then some people just started to jump and dance around it for some reason. I joined in, thinking that maybe the meteorite might give me special powers or something. I didn't have much time to contemplate this as another actual twister came around again. We grabbed hold of the palm trees again as the winds came and I looked off into one direction, seeing a lot of other little islands I hadn't noticed before. They were all roughly the same as the island we were on, some bigger, some smaller, all different shapes. The winds died down and I continued scanning the horizon, seeing larger and larger islands, some actually big enough for buildings to be built on them. And that's when I noticed this majestic sight, a gigantic island off in the distance, half-hidden in fog. The land was mountainous and completely green with vegetation. Structures and settlements were built right into the mountainside, but the thing that caught my eye was this gigantic structure that looked like the tower of a castle, painted in a royal-looking purple. The scenery looked like something out of a fantasy game. I had no idea how I missed such a large island when we looked around and somehow I knew the island city was named Gardenia. I wanted to ask why we didn't head over there instead of the stupid island we were on, but I woke up...
The second dream started in school, either high school or college, I'm not sure. But I did have a backpack on, so it was a school nonetheless. I made my way into an auditorium for some kind of convention. For some reason, my first impression was that it was for an adult convention, but this was at school. And at the doors was my cousin, showing people inside. She waved me on through and I entered a lobby. There were newspapers on the floor for reading before whatever was going to start started. To my left where double doors leading into a wide banquet room. There were dozens of small tables with people sitting at them, all facing the small stage by the back wall. I sat down at the first table I saw, closest to the double doors and furthest from the stage, because I saw some old high school friends there. We exchanged some greetings and then they went to reading the newspapers they got from the lobby. I took a section they had already read and noticed some weird ads before a teacher got up on the stage and got everyone's attention. I took out a pencil and notepad to take notes and realized this was a large film class because of the large projector screen behind the teacher. She started talking about a strange and rare film directed by some unknown person. Then she put a VHS into a machine that didn't look like a VHS tape player, but a movie was projected onto the giant screen behind her anyway.

For the life of me, I can't remember how the movie started, but I assure you that it was as strange and surreal as it could get. I got up and moved to the front row for a better view of the movie and sat down beside this parked car. Yes, a car that was parked inside a school auditorium like it was a drive-in movie theater. I sat on the floor next to the passenger-side door and noticed one of my college friends inside. I said "hi" and continued to focus on the movie. There was a man in an apron barbecuing in his backyard. I'm not sure he was actually cooking anything because a friend of his showed up with two cardboard take-out boxes of fast food hamburgers and fries. He tipped one down into the barbecue grill, setting the contents on fire before handing it off to his friend, who thought nothing was weird about that. I turned to my friend in the car and asked, "Did that guy just set a hamburger on fire and give it to his friend?" to which he replied with a laugh and a shrug. The scene changed in the movie, this time with a lot of little people running away from some kind of giant monster. It looked like a tyrannosaurus-rex, but fused with machine parts. I thought that I should actually take some notes on the notepad I took out when a girl in the movie said that the t-rex was a metaphor for gigantic details in a movie, whereas no one paid attention to all the little details, such as the people who were running. Then I noticed that the little people had been wearing strange costumes of all sorts, but didn't see that at all earlier. And that's when a phone call woke me up...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Court Puppets

Last night I dreamt I was following some kind of court proceedings on TV, except it was actually a skit on SNL. The court room was half-full of humans and half-full of puppets. These puppets had the ability to puff up and change shape, going from happy, kid-friendly faces to angry, serial-killer-like faces. In the dream, I had a memory about a horror movie like this, wherein the puppets would change shape when angered and go on a killing spree. Except this was SNL and they were parodying that movie. Something would happen in the court proceedings that would anger a puppet, and his face would change and he would look like he was about to kill someone, then something else would happen that would calm him down. This would go on for a while with one puppet; he would change shape and puff up in anger, then release some air as he calmed down, then puff up again, and so on. This was the premise of the whole comedy bit. Then they would do it again for another puppet. Then, for some reason, at the end of the skit, Eddie Murphy and Luke Wilson showed up as guest stars. There was lots of cheering and applauding from the audience as these two stepped out from behind something and began to spout off some legal mumbo-jumbo. Things got hazy around here and I woke up...

Friday, March 27, 2009


I was watching TV just now and was reminded a dream I had last night. It involved eating sticks of butter. That's sticks, plural. More than one. They came in little snack packs, like string cheese. Except it was just made of butter. And I bit into it. And it was delicious. Then I woke up and felt fat...

Mom's Dream

This post is actually about my mom. She told me she had a dream recently about death and birth. The Chinese words for "birth" and "death" sound like the numbers 3 and 4, so that day she bought a lottery ticket comprised of numbers with 3s and 4s. She checked the winning numbers the next day and got 4 of them correct, winning $140. For some reason, she bought another ticket with the same numbers because she had forgotten she bought the first ticket, making the total winnings $280. She then tells me that her father once had a similar experience back in China, in which a late relative visited him in a dream and gave him some lottery numbers. I believe he won second prize with those numbers.

Maybe it's hereditary and one day I'll have a premonition about lotto numbers!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Star Trek on SyFy

I had another dream of an advance movie screening on TV, this time the movie being JJ Abrams' Star Trek on the Sci-Fi channel (or SyFy now). There was no digital editing like there was in my Watchmen dream, but the channel feed wasn't that great. The movie looked grainy and made the special effects seem rather dull, even though I was watching it on an HDTV. I was having a hard time watching it that way and I was also annoyed by the fact that I missed part of the beginning, probably the first 30-40 minutes. Even so, I kept telling everyone I knew to turn to the Sci-Fi channel and check out Star Trek, though I wasn't sure I'd keep watching it. I think I had to go to dinner or something, so I just woke up...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Zombies and Superheroes

I had another strange dream about zombies last night. It was actually quite interesting and fun rather than scary. The dream started off in some underground bunker, where the survivors of a zombie apocalypse were preparing for a counter-offensive to take back the surface world from the undead. It reminded me of the plans to fight back against the zombies in the book "World War Z."

Anyway, the weird thing was that I was a superhero. My main ability was flight, but I think I might have had super strength too. And I decided to reveal my secret identity during this time, though I wasn't exactly sure why. I think it might have been because it wasn't appropriate anymore to have a secret identity at this time of crisis, or maybe I could inspire the survivors by telling them who I really was. I can remember "standing" in mid-air above the survivors, giving a small speech or something about who I was before we all stormed out of the underground bunker to fight the zombies. I think I had a sword with me and was cutting off heads, but it got blurry around this point and I woke up...

Friday, March 20, 2009


Had another short dream last night. I dreamt that I woke up in bed and my lower canine teeth were hurting. So I went to the mirror to check them out and it looked like my gums had receded just for those two teeth. They were both very loose, yet they weren't bleeding. I even pulled the right one out after a bit of tugging and still no blood. But the tooth might have just snapped in half rather than coming out all together. I got freaked out like I always do when I have a dream about my teeth. Every single time I always think "Oh my god, this isn't a dream, it's real!" and every single time I wake up relieved...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Resident Evil Zombies

I've been playing a lot of Resident Evil 5 lately, so it's no surprise that last night I dreamt of zombies. I can't remember much of the dream, other than that I was scared and running a lot. I do remember, however, that these were actual undead zombies like in RE1-3, not like the ones in 4-5. I was awoken by a mysterious and hard poke to my ribs, but there was nobody in my room. My heart was beating crazy fast and I was in a cold sweat. It took a bit to calm down and go back to sleep.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Found Money and Walk Home From School

Last night I dreamt I found a 500 dollar bill on the floor. I was excited and put it in my pocket, but then I woke up and was like, "Damn."

I fell asleep again and had another dream in which I was back in high school. The dream didn't have so much to do with school as it did the walk home from school. Or, more specifically, the roll home from school. In the morning, my parents would drop me off on their way to work, but I took a wheeled office chair from home with me. I would leave it in a hallway or some corner and somehow it made sense that no one would think anything about the chair. When classes were over, I would go immediately to the chair, sit down, and just start kicking my way home. The ride was surprisingly smooth, as if the office chair wheels were big and smooth enough to traverse sidewalks. This happened two days in a row; no one bothered to ask me about the chair and I just happily kick-rolled my way home. On the second day I got back, I just woke up...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Shops and Watchmen

About two blocks from my house is a street with a small business area. It's about half a block long with offices and shops on either side of the street. But last night, I dreamt this area was bigger, at least consisting of the whole street, and much more popular. I was with a friend I hadn't seen in a while and we were looking for some lunch. He stopped in this small market that had a small Chinese restaurant in the back and ordered several things. The only thing that I remember, and the only thing that really made sense, were the eggrolls. He said he used to eat here all the time and had patiently waited for years until he could enjoy it again. I jokingly said that he lived only several blocks away and that he could have come by here anytime he wanted. But he corrected me, saying that he moved some years ago and was not in this area often.

The cashier asked what I wanted and I shook my head and told him I was good. Instead, I went out and wanted to try this other restaurant. It was kind of like a fast food place and the sign outside said something about "Japanese Penne Pasta". But the inside had nothing to do with Japan or Italy. Instead it was owned by Middle Eastern people. Their menu consisted of several bowls of ingredients that you could mix and match to your heart's content, but a lot of the items weren't in English so I had no idea what to order. To the cashier, I commented on the fact that I had lived around here most of my life, but had never actually tried this restauarant. But the fact that it was still around for all these years must mean it was pretty popular. He half-heartedly agreed and I asked him what he would recommend to a first-timer. He began saying some stuff, but this dream ended...

And another one began. This one was rather short and quick. I was watching TV and noticed that the Pay-Per-View channels were showing an advance screening of Watchmen. Except, for some strange legal reasons, all the costumes were digitally changed into something silly (or sillier, I guess). I can't remember most of it, but I believe the Nite Owl, or his sidekick, or both wore a clown costume. Which probably would have been more appropriate for the Comedian, but I don't remember what he wore. Dr. Manhattan was equally silly. I can't remember what his exact look was, but instead of being a buff-looking blue guy, he was skinny and ridiculous. That was about it for this dream. I don't think I wanted to watch the movie like this...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Shoe Skating

I have a pair of shoes, at least 5 years old. They're so old that the sole is all worn out and I have almost no traction whatsoever with them. Last night I had a dream involving these shoes. I was on a trip with some friends; for some reason I assumed we were in Las Vegas because that's where we always go, but instead of a casino in the lobby of the hotel we were staying at, there was a giant shopping mall. The mall had this smooth marble floor and because I had those old shoes on, it was like walking on ice. Except I never lost my balance. I did not slip, just slide. I could even propel myself as if I were wearing ice skates or roller blades. So that's what I did throughout the mall: skate. It was too fun not to do. As I passed by people, I heard them wonder how I did it. Most figured I just had those shoes with the small wheels in them, but some were simply confused.

At one end of the mall, I saw this one shop that interested me. I can't remember what I thought it was, but I know I didn't expect it to be a mini skate park. There were several teenagers in there, skateboarding on worn out wooden floors and ramps. My shoes didn't work as well here as they did in the mall, but they still worked relatively well. I played around there for a little bit before noticing one of my friends in a corner with several other people. There was a table and TV set up and they were playing what looked like Street Fighter IV. I talked with my friend for a bit, showing off my old sneakers before going back to play in the mall again. I "skated" off and that's when the dream ended...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Grandfather's Letters

I dreamt it was December and me and my nuclear family decided to visit my grandmother and some aunts and uncles over in the next city. But we also brought our cat along. She was going to be left there for a few weeks while we went on vacation. For whatever reason, there were some other cats also staying over at grandma's house, one in particular was really cute and affectionate. When it was time to go catch our flight, I suddenly regretted agreeing to go. We were off to China and I don't like vacationing in China. But it was too late, we had already arrived. My dream did not consist of the drive to the airport, nor the flight to China. We were just suddenly in China.

We weren't there completely for leisure. Apparently my late grandfather had some unfinished business there. He had some mail that was undelivered and we decided to deliver it ourselves instead of just mailing it. We also found a bag full of Chinese Red Envelopes and some money. It seemed like he owed a lot of Chinese New Year money to some relatives or friends. This dream started making no sense, so I just woke up...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Giant Gorilla

Last night I had a dream that went all over the place. First I started out in some kind of public storage area, on top of one row of storage units. It was as if I had spawned into a stage in the game Mirror's Edge. My objective was to evade the police. I'm not sure why, but it felt like I had broken the law at some point and just needed to get away. The first thing I did was knock down some red bars or pipes. Then I slid down these pipes onto a lower area and ran off. This first part of the dream ended rather quickly right here and there was a sort of scene change into the next part.

Somehow I had gotten into an escape vehicle, my dad's mini-van. But when I did, I suddenly had an aerial view of the car as I was driving. I must have evaded the police because I wasn't worried about them anymore. I was, however, worried about driving in this view. While I had a nice vantage point of all the things around me, I couldn't see too far directly in front of me so it was hard to know when to stop in time. I clearly remember being on this one street. To my right were some buildings, to my left was a nice, grassy hill. Somehow, I knew that in front of me was a stop light and a cross street. Past the cross street was the entrance to the parking structure of the apartment complex my family lived in. Except we have a house in real life, but my dream told me I lived in an apartment. Anyway, the tricky part was the street light. I couldn't tell if it was green or red so I slowed down just in case. But I came up on it faster than I thought and saw a bunch of other cars stopped there. My lane was thankfully empty, so I stopped with my full car length past the line. Embarassed, I backed up, but saw something on the grassy hill that freaked me out: a giant, rampaging gorilla that was bigger than a car. So I accidentally backed-up into another car then, in my panic, drove forward into a big rig before I was able to get my damaged mini-van into the parking structure.

I got out of my car and switched back into first-person view. While still a bit frightened, my curiousity got the better of me and I headed out to see if the giant gorilla was still there. There was already a crowd on the front lawns of the apartment complex when I got there. The gorilla was close by, but not rampaging anymore. In fact, it almost seemed playful, so nobody was afraid. But then something freaked it out and that's when the shit face. The gorilla started lobbing giant globs of its own feces and I was hit right in the face before I knew what happened. People still weren't all that scared (not of the gorilla anyway, but they were probably scared of being hit by its shit), so I just calmly went to a hose and started washing myself off. Thankfully, it washed off pretty easily, but I think I had some in my mouth and that was just unpleasant. I guess the dream didn't have anywhere to go from here so I just woke up...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Various X-men Dreams

Last night I had three dreams about the X-men. The first involved Professor X. Somehow, his mind was trapped inside the body of a giant ape. He snuck around the X Mansion, making sure not to get seen and frighten the students. Finally making it to a secluded room that overlooked a gym, Professor Ape telepathically contacted Cyclops and informed him of the situation. Things got hazy here; I'm not sure if they resolved the situation or not, but I transitioned into my next dream.

I was a mutant with weak telekinetic powers. I was with the X-men and we were on a mission to thwart Magneto's vague plans of world domination. My role was to drive by the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and knock some stuff over with my powers to distract them. I did so and drove off, then ditched my car and tried to get away on foot. Unfortunately, Magneto found me pretty quickly. What ensued was a small chase through an alleyway, then a warehouse of some sort. There were a lot of tall metal shelves, so my capture was inevitable. Meanwhile, the X-men were nowhere to be seen. Dicks.

The last X-men dream involved me as a new mutant with a group of young X-men. We were walking down the street when we saw a truck getting rammed by other cars. Somehow, we could tell there was a mutant driving the truck and figured that the other cars were driven by human supremacists. Well, as young X-men, we weren't having none of that. We stepped in, using our various powers to scare the other drivers off, but some of them came back to harass all of us now. We offered to escort the truck to wherever it was going, so a few of us got in the truck. I rode in the truck bed with the others. I'm not sure what my particular power was. It might have had to do with fire and probably strength or invulnerability as well, because I was at the end of the truck bed, almost taunting cars to hit me like some kind of mutant bumper. As one car was about to ram me, my phone rang and I woke up...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Race War

Having another streak of dreams I can't remember when I wake up. The most I can remember of last night is that I was caught up in some kind of race war, but like alien races, I think. At any rate, it didn't have anything to do with the races we have now. There were three main races and I had parts of all three, exactly one third of each. The most vivid memory of the dream is a diagram with a silhouette of my body with three distinct patterns, each representing a different race. I don't remember much else, like if there was some kind of conflict or not...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Psychic Powers and the CIA

Last night I had a rather long dream. It started out in my high school. I was still a student there and school was over for the day. I went to the vending machines to get something to drink for my usual walk home. I think I wanted a chocolate milk because I hadn't had one in a long time, but the machine messed up and gave me a Mountain Dew as soon as I put money in. I tried again, but this time it gave me a Mountain Dew Code Red. I gave up and took my consolation prizes. On the way out of the school gates, I met up with a friend and he asked if I wanted a ride home. He had his own car and was already giving someone else a ride home, someone I didn't really like, but I took his offer anyway.

On the drive home, a drive that seemed to take much longer than it should have, my friend starts telling this story out of nowhere. This story involved him and his dad driving somewhere and they had an incident with the CIA. I forget what exactly the incident was about, but I remember it was probably something he shouldn't have talked about. Suddenly, a black Cadillac rams us from behind. I looked back and inside were three people, two men and one woman who looked like extras from Men in Black. The other guy in our car, the one I didn't like very much, screamed it was the CIA and they're probably out to get us all for talking about that story. I said that they must have bugged my friend's car during that incident and followed him around to make sure no one said anything. The agents pulled out guns and started firing at us, blowing out the car's windows. I cowered in fear, laying down on the backseat, wishing there was something I could do when suddenly I gained psychic powers. I got up and pointed my finger at the Cadillac and pulled the agents' guns away. Then I stopped both our cars and concentrated real hard on the agents' minds, telling them to forget what happened today and go on their way. It worked and they drove off in a stupor. At that point, I made my friend and the other guy forget too, for secrecy's sake, obviously forgetting about my friend's car being rammed and shot up. We drove off like nothing happened and headed towards my home, which was apparently past what looked like Chinatown. I grabbed my Mountain Dew from under the passenger seat and had a drink.

It felt like there was a scene change in my dream, as I just ended up at home later in the afternoon. I might have been drinking my Mountain Dew when I heard the doorbell and answered it. Outside was another agent, a new one that wasn't in the car earlier, and he stabbed me with a big syringe. While I reeled in pain, he explained that he investigated what happened today and somehow found out everything. He was the only one who knew, but what he injected me with were surveillance nano-bots, and the CIA would be able to see everything I did. I grabbed the agent with my telekinesis and brought him into my house. Inside, I sent a psychic electromagnetic surge through my body to destroy all the nano-bots. Then I did the same to the agent, assuming he had nano-bots, and made sure it hurt him when I did it. I then erased his memory and sent him on his way, but I picked up something from his mind before he was gone. Something big was going down tonight, some kind of riot or war at Fort Knox, I think.

Another scene change and it's night time at, I guess, Fort Knox. I must have used my powers to fly there or teleport there or something. Even though it was night time, there was plenty of light around from a huge fire. I was suddenly in third person view now, looking at whatever the huge fire was, but I couldn't tell what it was myself. But I saw a shocked expression on my own face and said "Oh my God," but in almost a "to be continued" moment, I woke up...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sword Making

Last night I dreamt I was making a sword. I've seen videos and read a few things on sword-making, but I don't actually know much about it. I was in a backyard. Perhaps it was my backyard, but certainly not how it is now. There used to be this old red brick barbecuing station, but my family had that torn down years ago. I suppose that's what I was using as my forge in the dream. I had a charcoal fire going in the pit and a heavy cooking pot on top of it. Inside the pot was metal ore and also some crystals. Perhaps I was making some kind of magical sword, I don't know. Maybe I was trying to melt the metal and crystals together, but there was also water in the pot, so it was more like I was making a soup. It made sense in the dream, as if boiling the materials long enough would make them soft enough to hammer. I had a hammer with me, but no anvil so I'm not sure what I would have done if it came to that. Over to the side, there was a table with some wood working stuff. I was also making the sword handle, something I had actually done before as a personal project. Except this time, the wood seemed kind of spongy and soft. I'm not even sure it was wood I was working with, but considering the metal side of things, I guess it didn't matter. As everything seemed to fall apart, I woke up...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mummies and Dinosaurs

Last night I dreamt I was in my house. Maybe it was my uncle's house, I'm not sure. It doesn't really matter, what matters was what was in the house. Or to be more precise, what was under it. Somehow or another, we discovered a hidden trap door in the middle of the living room. This door lead straight down for several feet and opened up into an underground tunnel. There was a ladder so some of my family decided to go down and explore. I did not go because my cat was there and she kept running around. I was afraid she'd fall into the hole so I stayed up top to keep her away. It didn't occur to me to just put her in another room. Anyway, what they found down there was what seemed like an ancient Egyptian tomb. There was a sarcophagus, maybe two. And lots of golden objects: torch holders, staffs, scepters, maybe some crowns and random jewelry. There was a lot of shuffling and excitement down there and I could see most of the treasure being moved around through the hole in the floor. I lost track of the cat and she started running around, then fell straight down the hole. Stupid cat, I thought. She didn't seem hurt, but I couldn't see her down in the tunnel either. I started to get worried, but not for the cat. Something made me feel like this dream was about to take a turn for the worse, perhaps some kind of mummy's curse or ancient evil. But nothing came of it because I woke up...

And fell back asleep into another dream. It was another one of my video game and/or reality dreams. I spawned (or was teleported or something) onto some alien planet. I had heavy armor on and a large, futuristic rifle. I also had a partner with me, a gruff old soldier-type person with the same gear. He was a cautious one and warned me about such and such, but I just wanted to explore so I walked ahead. But, as if right on cue, a large and angry T-rex burst through the trees behind us as I walked away from his warnings. It spotted my partner first and started chasing him. I got behind some rocks, not too afraid for my life, and started firing at the T-rex with my rifle. It was a powerful gun because it took the beast down in a few shots while my partner acted, reluctantly, as a decoy. I might have said something sarcastic, but at any rate, we decided to split up. He actually wanted to go ahead this time and do some recon. I decided to backtrack a bit and see if the downed T-rex dropped any items of use. I think I might have found some ammo (because T-rexes on alien planets carry ammo), but it was kind of a disappointing find considering the size of the dinosaur. There was only a small open and accessible area behind the T-rex and where we started. It was surrounded by trees and thick brush, so I didn't bother trying to go past that. In the open area was a nice stock of items. For whatever reason, most of the items were eggs. Like, regular chicken eggs. I think they were supposed to be a health item or something so I just put a bunch in my pockets. The only interesting item there was a pair of night-vision goggles. It was blazing sunlight at the time, but I kept the goggles anyway and started getting back to my partner. I might have met up with him, I might not have, but either way, I woke up...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

RC Helicopter

Last night I had a rather mundane dream. I was in a large park area with red dirt and patches of grass. Most of the park seemed to be built on a hill with a spiral dirt ramp leading up. I was at the bottom walking up the ramp. To my left there was a fence and basketball court with some kids playing basketball. There was nothing on my right, no handrail, no fence, nothing. Just a ten foot drop to the rest of the park below. In my hand I had an RC helicopter so as I walked up the hill I launched it and played with it. I walked for just a little bit while playing with the helicopter, making it go up and down, side to side. It didn't seem fancy enough to do any tricks or go very far in any direction. Or at least I didn't know how to control it well enough. I decided to just go back down the hill and head home so I put the helicopter away. Away where, I don't know but it was now out of my hands.

As I walked back down the dirt ramp, I noticed my shoes had almost no traction on the red earth. But I wasn't falling as if slipping on ice, it was more like I had roller blades on and was just rolling downhill. Though the ramp wasn't too steep, it was pretty long so I built up a good amount of speed. I decided to do some tricks while sliding down. I got a lot of air when I jumped and did a flip this way and that and yet there was still some ramp left to go. It seemed much longer than on my way up and I was having way more fun than with the RC helicopter. As I neared the bottom, one of the basketball players accidentally threw his ball outside of the fence. It rolled off the ramp and onto ground level. I was about to jump down and get it but I woke up...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Succubus and Soul

It's been kind of hard to remember my dreams lately, but last night I had a pretty good one. Somehow, a vampiress or succubus or something had possession of my soul. The soul's physical form was a scrap of paper with some writing on it, a la that episode of The Simpson's when Bart sells his paper soul to Milhouse for five bucks. Anyway, I was confined to a backyard and porch area that resembles my grandma's house, but I assumed belonged to the succubus. She offered me a deal. If I can find my hidden paper soul, I get to go free. Otherwise, I stay hers forever. She did not state that there was a time limit or even if my soul was hidden in the area I was confined to, but I had no choice but to accept her deal. It was actually a lot of fun looking for my soul. Since I was given no time limit, I had nothing to fear. And even though she was confident I would never find my soul again, I was confident I would.

I began by looking in some unassuming places. There was a refridgerator in the back porch area, so I opened it up and looked in there, then behind it and on top of it. I knew that my soul was on a piece of yellow legal paper with a short list of something and there on top of the fridge I saw some yellow paper. I thought "this is too easy" but the paper turned out to be some advertisement. I then saw a phone book on a table and decided to leaf through it. I found several pieces of yellow paper, but they all turned out to be something weird: a report card, another ad, pages from some book; everything but my soul. That's when I realized that the succubus had planted a bunch of decoys all over the place. This got me even more excited and I wanted to find my soul, if just to shove it in the succubus's face, but unfortunately my phone rang and I woke up...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Marvel Cards and Others

Last night I dreamt I was cleaning my room, or at least my drawers because that's as far as I got before getting distracted. I found my old collection of Marvel trading cards and looked through them. I came across some of my rarer cards and began to wonder if they were worth anything, so I pulled out a book of card values which I don't actually own. And even if I did own something like that, it would have been old and useless by now. But anyway, I tried to look up this holographic Magneto gold card I have, but the book of values was presented in the strangest way. Instead of being a straightforward list of cards and their worth, the book was actually in story format. It began in the far, far future with Wolverine uncovering a new mutant from some wreckage. I guess this mutant was buried in some kind of time capsule or something. Wolverine explained that they were in some post-apocalyptic world in which most of man and mutant-kind had been wiped out. He brought the new mutant to the last surviving civilization, a large fortress built into the side of a mountain. The story went on, perhaps about a war or some kind of global threat, but I got annoyed and just wanted to know the value of my card. Somehow, this story was tied into how much the mutants were worth in the future, eventually giving way to a list and an appendix of mutants. Even stranger is how they tied this into trading cards, but I didn't get that far. I couldn't find my card among the list and it was about here that I woke up...

I was disturbed a couple times in the waking world and went back to sleep again to have two shorter dreams I can barely remember. The first one involved me playing with my new LG Vu phone, but then I got a bit frustrated with it and accidentally broke it. I was pretty relieved when I woke up and found out it was a dream because my previous phone was broken for a while too, and it was just a pain to use. The second dream is a recurring dream I have: something that has to do with bad teeth. I was flossing in the bathroom in front of a mirror and noticed some darker spots in my gums and teeth. They didn't look like cavitities but hurt pretty bad when I touched them. I didn't have much time to contemplate this because I woke up...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Water Park Speed Boat

Last night I had another water park dream, except this time I actually played in the water park. The park floor was all covered in at least ankle-deep water, and in some areas it was a lot deeper. Out of this water rose several small wooden and hard plastic playground sets connected by rope bridges.

There were lots of college-type people there; some I knew, some I didn't. I was chasing after a friend in this dream, running around the different playsets, as if we were playing tag even though we were 20-something years old. He suddenly jumped down into deep water and swam towards a mini-speedboat that was part of the water park equipment. I got in first and took the driver's seat and sped off with my friend hanging out to the side. Even though it was small and looked like a toy, the boat moved pretty fast, fast enough for my friend to start water skiing on his feet. I eventually slowed down so he could get in and we both sped off into uncharted waters...

Friday, January 23, 2009


Last night I had another dream that blurred "reality" and video games. I was in a car with 3 other friends and we were just driving along, everything normal. We went up a hill and suddenly we started flying over it, tumbling in the air before we landed again. We were all confused because we weren't going very fast and the car didn't seem to take much damage. I asked if we were in Grand Theft Auto, and it almost seemed to make sense, as if we somehow forgot we were playing a game.

So to test the theory, we went on a rampage. We got some stars and the cops started chasing us as we got onto the freeway. The friend who was driving suddenly pulled out a pistol from no where and started firing at the cops. The friend who was in the back seat with me also pulled out a pistol. But he started to fire at just about everything but the cops. It was a very scary time.

Some time later, we lost the cops in traffic and all our stars died down. But the traffic kept growing and we started wondering if something was wrong. It looked like we had made our way to an airport, but there was a sign saying there was a hostage situation there. I got a bit excited because it looked like we were going to cause a lot more chaos, but then I suddenly woke up...

Peter Parker: Electronics Store Employee

Last night I had a dream about Spider-man. Only he wasn't Spider-man, just regular old Peter Parker before he was bitten by destiny. He wasn't in high school either, or at least it wasn't the setting for my dream. It all took place in an electronics store, a big one like Fry's or Best Buy. Peter was working there, as well as several of his high school classmates, such as Flash Thompson, Kong, Liz Allan, maybe Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy. I don't think Harry Osborn was there, but strangely enough, his father Norman was. He was owner and manager of the electronics store and he always seemed angry at his teenage employees.

There wasn't much of a plot to this dream other than the setting and the characters involved. I remember Peter was helping a customer with iPhone problems, but Kong and Flash started picking on him. Things got ugly, there was some yelling involved, mostly by Mr. Osborn, but that was about it for the dream...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bruce Almighty Reimagined

Last night I had a weird dream in which Jim Carrey and Jennifer Aniston did another Bruce Almighty movie and I was watching a trailer or snippet of it. Except it wasn't a sequel, it was a different interpretation of the first one. Jim Carrey had godlike powers and would use them to impress Jennifer Aniston, but he wasn't quite almighty. Every once in a while, his powers would fail but he wouldn't notice. In one scene, he would serenade Jennifer with the most beautiful voice in the world, but toward the end his powers failed and he started singing offkey. Jennifer quietly laughed, but Jim/Bruce kept on going without realizing what was happening to him.

Furthermore, Jennifer Aniston had a sister in the movie, but she was crippled. She later asks Bruce if he could "fix" her. I guess she later finds out about his powers. But he tells her that the powers don't work that way and some heartfelt music starts playing. But for some reason, he could help others that weren't close to him, so they went off to do some good together. That was about the end of the dream right there, but man, Bruce is a dick...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Donut Shop

Last night I had a rather short dream considering my usual ones. Me and a friend somehow came to own a small donut shop back in my college town of Irvine. The previous owner didn't want it anymore and I guess me and my friend bought it from her. I decided to scope the place out, seeing as how I'd never seen the back of a donut shop before. There was, of course, a kitchen area for making the donuts. But past that there was a small room with at least ten gaming arcades. This wouldn't have been so weird if it you didn't have to go behind the kitchen to get to it. Maybe it wasn't for customers? Anyway, there was a small hallway past there that had two small rooms and a bathroom with shower.

I called out to my friend and said we could actually live here. The prospect of living behind a donut shop somehow excited me. He shouted back that he had lived here before. Suddenly, I had a vague memory that he once rented out a place in the back of some shop before during college, even though that never happened in reality. But you know how your memory works in dreams. Anyway, he was about to show me something neat on the roof that had to do with the phone lines, but the dream ended right about here...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Crazy Driving

Last night I dreamt I was with a group of friends. My dad was driving us to dinner, as if we couldn't drive ourselves. We had trouble deciding where to go, but my dad suggested this new place with a funny name I can't remember. We all agreed to this place and dad set off. We passed by this convoy of U-hauls that didn't have their headlights on even though it was fairly dark. We found it suspicious, but nothing came of it. After a while, my dad started driving faster and faster. We were in a minivan and the road kept getting more and more uneven and cluttered with junk. I feared we might flip over, but my dad wouldn't hear any of my objections. Thankfully, we safely made it to where we wanted to go. It was some kind of Italian restaurant with a sun theme. I wish I knew what the food was like, but the dream ended right around here...

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Last night I had another dream that felt like a cross between a video game and reality. It was a co-op game and I was playing with friends. I don't know what our objective was, but we had to go somewhere quick. It was night time and we were on a country road. Luckily we found two abandoned vehicles: one was a fast SUV, but the other was inexplicably a military tank. I drove the tank and someone else drove the SUV. Our remaining teammates split up between the two vehicles. When I got into the tank, my dream suddenly went into a third person view.

The SUV went ahead on the dirt road to do a little reconnaissance. However, like in my zombie dream, it came rushing back in a panic. I had little time to ask what was wrong as a much, much larger vehicle started chasing us. It was some kind of large transport vehicle with tank treads, but it didn't seem to have any weapons. However, it didn't need any weapons to be a threat as it was large enough to crush our vehicles. The SUV was safely away, but the tank was only about as fast as the large enemy vehicle. A chase ensued around uneven terrain, terrain that I was sure the monstrosity wouldn't be able to manage, but it just crushed whatever was in its way. I might have been firing the tank's turret at it, but it was about here that this dream ended...

...and segued into another dream. Suddenly I was in a large bedroom, but I had the feeling that it was my room. And it was a complete mess. The bed linen was unfolded, the desk-top contents were strewn about, and the media shelf was unorganized. This made me think I was only playing with toys in my previous dream because some of the unevenness of the country road matched the unevenness of my bed and desk. So I might have had some toy vehicles around as well. I got to cleaning up but when I came to the media shelf, I found a lot of DVDs and VHS tapes, most of which I had never seen before. So while organizing it all, I set a pile aside of some cool looking movies or TV shows I would later watch. I never got the chance to because, I woke up....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Last night I had one of several recurring dream themes: zombies. Like many of my zombie dreams, this one had a cross between real-life danger and video game danger. Sometimes I would actually fear for my life, sometimes I would think that I'll just respawn later. The game I had on mind was, of course, the recent Left 4 Dead, but some others may have shown up in my dream as well.

Anyway, it started out like a Left 4 Dead game. Me and maybe 2 or 3 friends were at the top of an apartment building and we had to get down and out to a safer area. Except we didn't have guns or anything to defend ourselves. I snapped off a broom stick, making sure one end was pointed. I believe I later attached an improvised spearhead. I don't remember what my comrades did, but we were all armed in some fashion or another.

There weren't too many zombies in the way so we were never too worried about being eaten or infected. But then we came across one area: a wide living room. There were scratch marks all over the walls and ceiling, so we all knew that a Resident Evil Licker was up ahead. So in the next room, I kept expecting to see those exposed brains and long tongue come at us, but instead one of my friends that went ahead a little came running back screaming: "Plants!"

Behind him came 3 short plant-like monsters. They had big mouths with big lips and sharp teeth. This mouth was surrounded by large leaves that formed a round bush. Several vines sprouted from the inside of the bush that acted as arms and legs. So these things slithered towards us and while they looked ridiculous, we were still scared for our lives and ran the other way. I may have stabbed one in the mouth with my broom spear, but I woke up shortly afterwards...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

Many Dreams

Last night I had many dreams, so many that I can't remember most of them. I would dream, wake up, fall back asleep, dream again, repeat. It was a very eventful night.

Though I can remember one dream somewhat clearly. I was with my mom and for some reason she wanted me to teach her Japanese and Japanese culture. I assumed it was because she sometimes liked to watch dramas from Japan, among other Asian countries. Anyway, I started by teaching her how to pronounce a few words, but she was having a hard time. She would ask me how to say this or that Chinese word in Japanese. Surprisingly, I knew.

For whatever reason, this became a lesson on making ramen. I don't know how to make ramen, but we made ramen anyway. It was about then that I woke up and fell back asleep to have another dream...

Water Park

Last night I dreamt I had an uncle who owned a water park. However, business wasn't well. He decided to close down the water park for a few weeks and expand by digging new pools. He enlisted my help and I happily agreed. I wasn't doing anything at the time and it was a water park. How could I pass up this oppurtunity? Somehow, I was charged with directing a back hoe. I told it to dig in a reddish, clay-looking area and it went to work. Within minutes, however, it struck oil. Tons and tons of oil. Me and my uncle were now filthy rich, figuratively and literally as we were now waist deep in oil. In fact, there was so much oil it kept oozing out of the construction area and into the pools and water slides. So me and my uncle had to dig more holes to keep the oil back. With our hands. Suddenly all the construction equipment disappeared from my mind. Anyway, it wasn't working and we didn't care too much because we were really, really filthy rich.

But here's the weirdest part: the uncle in my dream was a cross between a real-life uncle of mine and Christopher Lloyd. I think I kept calling him Doc...