Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cat and Giraffe

I haven't had any memorable or vivid dreams lately, but last night I had a cute short one. I dreamt I came home from somewhere and went into my room to find two things on my bed: the first was my cat. She's not usually allowed on the furniture and I'm not even sure how she got inside the house since I last remembered her being outside. But there she was, just sleeping on my bed. The second thing was a young giraffe. I was confused, but not as much as I should have been. I approached it slowly to inspect it and noticed it was injured with a slight gash on its left side. I figured the poor thing must have escaped from a zoo or something and was injured that way. It was about the size of a grown man so it slept comfortably on my bed, but raised its head slightly when I started petting it. I think I wanted to keep it, or at least play with it a little before I called Animal Control or something.

Right about then my dad walked into my room. Totally ignoring that there was a giraffe in my room, he asked how the cat got in and shooed her away. And then I woke up...

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