Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Marvel Cards and Others

Last night I dreamt I was cleaning my room, or at least my drawers because that's as far as I got before getting distracted. I found my old collection of Marvel trading cards and looked through them. I came across some of my rarer cards and began to wonder if they were worth anything, so I pulled out a book of card values which I don't actually own. And even if I did own something like that, it would have been old and useless by now. But anyway, I tried to look up this holographic Magneto gold card I have, but the book of values was presented in the strangest way. Instead of being a straightforward list of cards and their worth, the book was actually in story format. It began in the far, far future with Wolverine uncovering a new mutant from some wreckage. I guess this mutant was buried in some kind of time capsule or something. Wolverine explained that they were in some post-apocalyptic world in which most of man and mutant-kind had been wiped out. He brought the new mutant to the last surviving civilization, a large fortress built into the side of a mountain. The story went on, perhaps about a war or some kind of global threat, but I got annoyed and just wanted to know the value of my card. Somehow, this story was tied into how much the mutants were worth in the future, eventually giving way to a list and an appendix of mutants. Even stranger is how they tied this into trading cards, but I didn't get that far. I couldn't find my card among the list and it was about here that I woke up...

I was disturbed a couple times in the waking world and went back to sleep again to have two shorter dreams I can barely remember. The first one involved me playing with my new LG Vu phone, but then I got a bit frustrated with it and accidentally broke it. I was pretty relieved when I woke up and found out it was a dream because my previous phone was broken for a while too, and it was just a pain to use. The second dream is a recurring dream I have: something that has to do with bad teeth. I was flossing in the bathroom in front of a mirror and noticed some darker spots in my gums and teeth. They didn't look like cavitities but hurt pretty bad when I touched them. I didn't have much time to contemplate this because I woke up...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Water Park Speed Boat

Last night I had another water park dream, except this time I actually played in the water park. The park floor was all covered in at least ankle-deep water, and in some areas it was a lot deeper. Out of this water rose several small wooden and hard plastic playground sets connected by rope bridges.

There were lots of college-type people there; some I knew, some I didn't. I was chasing after a friend in this dream, running around the different playsets, as if we were playing tag even though we were 20-something years old. He suddenly jumped down into deep water and swam towards a mini-speedboat that was part of the water park equipment. I got in first and took the driver's seat and sped off with my friend hanging out to the side. Even though it was small and looked like a toy, the boat moved pretty fast, fast enough for my friend to start water skiing on his feet. I eventually slowed down so he could get in and we both sped off into uncharted waters...

Friday, January 23, 2009


Last night I had another dream that blurred "reality" and video games. I was in a car with 3 other friends and we were just driving along, everything normal. We went up a hill and suddenly we started flying over it, tumbling in the air before we landed again. We were all confused because we weren't going very fast and the car didn't seem to take much damage. I asked if we were in Grand Theft Auto, and it almost seemed to make sense, as if we somehow forgot we were playing a game.

So to test the theory, we went on a rampage. We got some stars and the cops started chasing us as we got onto the freeway. The friend who was driving suddenly pulled out a pistol from no where and started firing at the cops. The friend who was in the back seat with me also pulled out a pistol. But he started to fire at just about everything but the cops. It was a very scary time.

Some time later, we lost the cops in traffic and all our stars died down. But the traffic kept growing and we started wondering if something was wrong. It looked like we had made our way to an airport, but there was a sign saying there was a hostage situation there. I got a bit excited because it looked like we were going to cause a lot more chaos, but then I suddenly woke up...

Peter Parker: Electronics Store Employee

Last night I had a dream about Spider-man. Only he wasn't Spider-man, just regular old Peter Parker before he was bitten by destiny. He wasn't in high school either, or at least it wasn't the setting for my dream. It all took place in an electronics store, a big one like Fry's or Best Buy. Peter was working there, as well as several of his high school classmates, such as Flash Thompson, Kong, Liz Allan, maybe Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy. I don't think Harry Osborn was there, but strangely enough, his father Norman was. He was owner and manager of the electronics store and he always seemed angry at his teenage employees.

There wasn't much of a plot to this dream other than the setting and the characters involved. I remember Peter was helping a customer with iPhone problems, but Kong and Flash started picking on him. Things got ugly, there was some yelling involved, mostly by Mr. Osborn, but that was about it for the dream...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bruce Almighty Reimagined

Last night I had a weird dream in which Jim Carrey and Jennifer Aniston did another Bruce Almighty movie and I was watching a trailer or snippet of it. Except it wasn't a sequel, it was a different interpretation of the first one. Jim Carrey had godlike powers and would use them to impress Jennifer Aniston, but he wasn't quite almighty. Every once in a while, his powers would fail but he wouldn't notice. In one scene, he would serenade Jennifer with the most beautiful voice in the world, but toward the end his powers failed and he started singing offkey. Jennifer quietly laughed, but Jim/Bruce kept on going without realizing what was happening to him.

Furthermore, Jennifer Aniston had a sister in the movie, but she was crippled. She later asks Bruce if he could "fix" her. I guess she later finds out about his powers. But he tells her that the powers don't work that way and some heartfelt music starts playing. But for some reason, he could help others that weren't close to him, so they went off to do some good together. That was about the end of the dream right there, but man, Bruce is a dick...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Donut Shop

Last night I had a rather short dream considering my usual ones. Me and a friend somehow came to own a small donut shop back in my college town of Irvine. The previous owner didn't want it anymore and I guess me and my friend bought it from her. I decided to scope the place out, seeing as how I'd never seen the back of a donut shop before. There was, of course, a kitchen area for making the donuts. But past that there was a small room with at least ten gaming arcades. This wouldn't have been so weird if it you didn't have to go behind the kitchen to get to it. Maybe it wasn't for customers? Anyway, there was a small hallway past there that had two small rooms and a bathroom with shower.

I called out to my friend and said we could actually live here. The prospect of living behind a donut shop somehow excited me. He shouted back that he had lived here before. Suddenly, I had a vague memory that he once rented out a place in the back of some shop before during college, even though that never happened in reality. But you know how your memory works in dreams. Anyway, he was about to show me something neat on the roof that had to do with the phone lines, but the dream ended right about here...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Crazy Driving

Last night I dreamt I was with a group of friends. My dad was driving us to dinner, as if we couldn't drive ourselves. We had trouble deciding where to go, but my dad suggested this new place with a funny name I can't remember. We all agreed to this place and dad set off. We passed by this convoy of U-hauls that didn't have their headlights on even though it was fairly dark. We found it suspicious, but nothing came of it. After a while, my dad started driving faster and faster. We were in a minivan and the road kept getting more and more uneven and cluttered with junk. I feared we might flip over, but my dad wouldn't hear any of my objections. Thankfully, we safely made it to where we wanted to go. It was some kind of Italian restaurant with a sun theme. I wish I knew what the food was like, but the dream ended right around here...

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Last night I had another dream that felt like a cross between a video game and reality. It was a co-op game and I was playing with friends. I don't know what our objective was, but we had to go somewhere quick. It was night time and we were on a country road. Luckily we found two abandoned vehicles: one was a fast SUV, but the other was inexplicably a military tank. I drove the tank and someone else drove the SUV. Our remaining teammates split up between the two vehicles. When I got into the tank, my dream suddenly went into a third person view.

The SUV went ahead on the dirt road to do a little reconnaissance. However, like in my zombie dream, it came rushing back in a panic. I had little time to ask what was wrong as a much, much larger vehicle started chasing us. It was some kind of large transport vehicle with tank treads, but it didn't seem to have any weapons. However, it didn't need any weapons to be a threat as it was large enough to crush our vehicles. The SUV was safely away, but the tank was only about as fast as the large enemy vehicle. A chase ensued around uneven terrain, terrain that I was sure the monstrosity wouldn't be able to manage, but it just crushed whatever was in its way. I might have been firing the tank's turret at it, but it was about here that this dream ended...

...and segued into another dream. Suddenly I was in a large bedroom, but I had the feeling that it was my room. And it was a complete mess. The bed linen was unfolded, the desk-top contents were strewn about, and the media shelf was unorganized. This made me think I was only playing with toys in my previous dream because some of the unevenness of the country road matched the unevenness of my bed and desk. So I might have had some toy vehicles around as well. I got to cleaning up but when I came to the media shelf, I found a lot of DVDs and VHS tapes, most of which I had never seen before. So while organizing it all, I set a pile aside of some cool looking movies or TV shows I would later watch. I never got the chance to because, I woke up....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Last night I had one of several recurring dream themes: zombies. Like many of my zombie dreams, this one had a cross between real-life danger and video game danger. Sometimes I would actually fear for my life, sometimes I would think that I'll just respawn later. The game I had on mind was, of course, the recent Left 4 Dead, but some others may have shown up in my dream as well.

Anyway, it started out like a Left 4 Dead game. Me and maybe 2 or 3 friends were at the top of an apartment building and we had to get down and out to a safer area. Except we didn't have guns or anything to defend ourselves. I snapped off a broom stick, making sure one end was pointed. I believe I later attached an improvised spearhead. I don't remember what my comrades did, but we were all armed in some fashion or another.

There weren't too many zombies in the way so we were never too worried about being eaten or infected. But then we came across one area: a wide living room. There were scratch marks all over the walls and ceiling, so we all knew that a Resident Evil Licker was up ahead. So in the next room, I kept expecting to see those exposed brains and long tongue come at us, but instead one of my friends that went ahead a little came running back screaming: "Plants!"

Behind him came 3 short plant-like monsters. They had big mouths with big lips and sharp teeth. This mouth was surrounded by large leaves that formed a round bush. Several vines sprouted from the inside of the bush that acted as arms and legs. So these things slithered towards us and while they looked ridiculous, we were still scared for our lives and ran the other way. I may have stabbed one in the mouth with my broom spear, but I woke up shortly afterwards...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

Many Dreams

Last night I had many dreams, so many that I can't remember most of them. I would dream, wake up, fall back asleep, dream again, repeat. It was a very eventful night.

Though I can remember one dream somewhat clearly. I was with my mom and for some reason she wanted me to teach her Japanese and Japanese culture. I assumed it was because she sometimes liked to watch dramas from Japan, among other Asian countries. Anyway, I started by teaching her how to pronounce a few words, but she was having a hard time. She would ask me how to say this or that Chinese word in Japanese. Surprisingly, I knew.

For whatever reason, this became a lesson on making ramen. I don't know how to make ramen, but we made ramen anyway. It was about then that I woke up and fell back asleep to have another dream...

Water Park

Last night I dreamt I had an uncle who owned a water park. However, business wasn't well. He decided to close down the water park for a few weeks and expand by digging new pools. He enlisted my help and I happily agreed. I wasn't doing anything at the time and it was a water park. How could I pass up this oppurtunity? Somehow, I was charged with directing a back hoe. I told it to dig in a reddish, clay-looking area and it went to work. Within minutes, however, it struck oil. Tons and tons of oil. Me and my uncle were now filthy rich, figuratively and literally as we were now waist deep in oil. In fact, there was so much oil it kept oozing out of the construction area and into the pools and water slides. So me and my uncle had to dig more holes to keep the oil back. With our hands. Suddenly all the construction equipment disappeared from my mind. Anyway, it wasn't working and we didn't care too much because we were really, really filthy rich.

But here's the weirdest part: the uncle in my dream was a cross between a real-life uncle of mine and Christopher Lloyd. I think I kept calling him Doc...