Sunday, May 24, 2009

Restaurant and Earthquake

Last night I had a crazy dream that went all over the place. It began in a restaurant with some friends. We sat down at a table, but I got up to find the restroom. I went into this small room which I thought was a restroom, but after unzipping my pants, I looked up and realized I could see the patrons of the restaurant. The room I was in was a small alcove to put plants in. The wall in front of me rose up to my neck, opening up to the rest of the restaurant, and what I thought was a urinal turned out to be a pot for a small tree. I don't think anyone saw me so I just zipped up my pants again and went out the door to look for the real restroom.

Before reaching it, I recognized an old high school friend and greeted him. We made some small talk, but by now I really had to go, so I told him we'd catch up after I used the restroom. The real restroom, however, turned out to be very strange in its own right. It was uncommonly wide and spacious, and there were two other entrances to the restroom other than the one I used. One was apparently for kitchen staff use and the other seemed to lead into some kind of military operation control room. I thought I saw a lot of high-tech equipment and people in army fatigues, but the door was quickly shut. For some reason, there was a man in a suit in the restroom who told me I had to put my name into a sign-in sheet before I could go about my business.

But before I could do anything else, the ground started shaking. It was an earthquake, so I ran to the doorway like I've always been told to do. But I didn't stay long because this earthquake was intense. It felt like the building was coming down so I ran outside, followed by the friends that were with me in the restaurant. Upon exiting the building, the scene suddenly changed. It was no longer a restaurant, but a school building. I was no longer with my friends at dinner, but we were all back in high school. The earthquake was still happening though, and it brought the front part of the building down, right onto a former teacher of mine. Only a little bit of it fell on him, but it still injured him. There was no time to help him though, as the earthquake got even worse. The ground started crumbling away, opening into a seemingly bottomless chasm. The whole school was in a panic and we all ran for the parking lot as the floor kept crumbling away behind us. I didn't dare look back, I just kept running with my friend to his car.

It seemed like the earthquake had stopped and the chasm stopped opening even wider, so we all slowed down. Another friend mentioned something about wanting to go to Starbucks and headed off in another direction, but I still wanted to get out of there so I kept heading for the car. I never made it because I woke up, with a really bad urge to pee...

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